Virtual SPPL2020

Format of virtual SPPL2020 (vSPPL2020)

Please see below the instructions for our vSPPL2020 workshop. Although the upload of accepted papers is optional, we very much hope you will contribute your research findings to vSPPL2020. There will be three components to our virtual workshop:

  1. Book of abstracts: a pdf version of the Book of Abstracts has been posted on the SPPL2020 website. It is open access and will also be deposited to Zenodo so will have a citable DOI.
  2. Papers: Whether your abstract for SPPL2020 was accepted for poster or oral presentation, you have the choice of sending in a poster in pdf format or a narrated set of slides (maximum: 12 slides). Choose the format that works best for you. See detailed instructions below for each of these formats. Your presentation will be linked to the vSPPL2020 programme page. These are also open access.
  3. Forum: a discussion forum has been set up on this website. You can use this forum to post a question on a specific paper or for more general comments. You will need to register as subscriber to post comments.

Instructions for preparation of narrated slides

The simplest option is to use Powerpoint. To create a narrated set of slides, go to ‘Slide show’, click on ‘Record slide show’ and record your narration with each slide, either with only audio or with video in a small window. When saving your file, choose the ‘Save as’ option and save the file in .mp4 format. You can use any software to produce the narrated slides as long as the file can be saved in .mp4 or .wmv formats.
Send the file to using ‘WeTransfer‘ or similar as the file will likely be too large to send as an email attachment. If you prefer to send slides without narration, this is also an option, although you might prefer in that case to send in a poster.

Instructions for posters

Poster preparation is also easiest in Powerpoint but feel free to use any software as long as you can save the poster as a pdf file. Send this pdf as an attachment to

Deadline for submission of narrated slides or poster

We aim to keep to the same schedule as the original SPPL2020 so please send in your files by 30 March 2020. We will upload files as they are submitted.

Any questions?

If you are having any problems with the preparation of materials or need an extension to the deadline, please contact: for advice.