This vSPPL2020 programme is based on the structure of the programme for the SPPL2020 workshop planned in London; authors had the option of submitting either a poster or narrated slides, whichever format their paper had initially been accepted as. Presentations will be linked to this page as they are received. See List of accepted abstracts and Invited speakers pages for authors’ affiliations

DAY 1 : Welcome
Opening talk – Outi Tuomainen and Valerie Hazan Speech masking effects in speech communication across the lifespan [Narrated slides]
 Session 1
Mária GósyDurations of words with various numbers of syllables across childhood [Slides]
Susanne Fuchs, Annette Gerstenberg and Laura L. KoenigChanges in phonetic detail as a matter of discourse and aging: Evidence from a longitudinal study on French [Narrated slides]
Tanja Atanasova, Giulia Krethlow and Marina LaganaroWhen do neurophysiological correlates of word production change in the adult lifespan? [Narrated slides]
Invited 1 – Rochelle Newman
How the impact of noise changes with development [Narrated slides]
 Session 2
Irene Lorenzini and Thierry NazziConsonant production and early word-form processing are linked at 14 months of age [Poster]
Katerina Chladkova and Nikola PaillereauAcquiring segmental and suprasegmental phonology of vowel length: development across the first year of life
Yevgen Matusevych, Thomas Schatz, Naomi H Feldman and Sharon GoldwaterModeling early phonetic development as representation learning
Invited 2 – Ann Bradlow
Dynamics of speech production and perception across a language barrier


Gwen Brekelmans , Bronwen G. Evans  and Elizabeth WonnacottNo evidence of a high variability benefit in phonetic vowel training for children [Poster]
Vita KoganThe effect of first language perception on the discrimination of nonnative vowel contrasts: investigating individual differences. [Poster]
Luisa Zenobi-Bird, Nadia Tetrault, Carolyn Bruce and Caroline NewtonThe impact of background noise on speech output in people with aphasia
Roa’a Alsulaiman and Peter HowellSpeech fluency assessments for adults and children: self-report scales design and development [Narrated slides]
Charlotte Bellinghausen, Mária Gósy, Reinhold Rauh, Bernhard Schröder, Thomas Fangmeier, Ludger Tebartz van Elst and Andreas RiedelDisfluency patterns in speech of children with and without autism spectrum disorder [Poster]
Dagmar Bittner  and Johannes SchröderTheory of mind related changes in speech production in preclinic stages of Alzheimer’s Dementia [Poster]
Marco CalabriaPhonological and semantic control in bilingual word production across lifespan
Siyu Chen, Laurence White, Maria Arche and Claire MonksTeaching Mandarin tones to native English speakers: Tone-mimicking hand gestures vs assimilation to English intonational categories [Slides]
Cristina Aliaga GarciaHigh-variability phonetic training and training set size considerations: Are L2 learners able to learn more than five L2 vowel categories at a time?
Tekla Etelka Gráczi, Valéria Krepsz, Anna Hussar and Alexandra MarkóChange of speaking fundamental frequency under a decade in young male speakers [Poster]
Valéria Krepsz, Dorottya Gyarmathy, Csilla Ilona Dér, Agnes Hamori  and Viktória Horváth The effect of the partner’s age on backchannelling behaviour [Poster]
Marina RohloffEffects of f0 level, speech rate and articulation rate on age perception
Chen Shen and Esther JanseDecomposing age effects on speech motor planning [Poster]
Michiko Watanabe  and Yuma ShirahataEffects of age, sex and education on speakers’ preference of filler types in Japanese 


Invited 3: Inga Holube
Listening effort and hearing-aid benefit of older adults in everyday life [Narrated slides]
 Session 4
Margreet Vogelzang and Esther RuigendijkSpeech processing later in life: Processing complex sentences with declining hearing [Narrated slides]
Mathilde de Kerangal, Deborah Vickers and Maria ChaitThe effect of healthy aging on auditory scene analysis – evidence from a change detection paradigm [Poster]
Invited 4: Anne HermesEffects of aging on speech production

Adriana Hanulikova
Session 5
Effects of talker identity on speech intelligibility: A lifespan perspective [Slides]
Judit BónaSelf-repairs in speech: The effect of age and speech task [Poster]
Anne Hermes, Angélina Bourbon and Cécile FougeronAging effects on prosodic structuring in French [Poster]
Raphael Fargier and Marina LaganaroReferential and inferential production across the lifespan: Different patterns and different underlying mechanisms [Narrated slides]


Jayanthiny Kangatharan, Anastasia Giannakopoulou  and Maria UtherIntelligibility of speech improves after perceptual vowel training in L2 learners of English [Poster]
Giulia Krethlow, Raphaël Fargier and Marina LaganaroAge-specific effects of lexical-semantic networks on word production across the lifespan [Poster]
Susannah Levi and Nandita KarthikeyanAre bilingual children better, worse, or the same as monolingual children at spoken word recognition of foreign-accented speech?
Luciana Albuquerque, António Teixeira, Catarina Oliveira and Daniela FigueiredoThe effect of dynamic acoustic cues on age classification [Poster]
Roa’a Alsulaiman, Peter Howell and John HarrisScreening English and Arabic children for speech fluency and treating word-finding difficulties [Narrated slides]
Axelle Calcus, Stuart Rosen and Lorna HallidayNeural processing and perception of speech in children with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss
Ana Campos Espinoza, Outi Tuomainen, Stuart Rosen  and Lorna HallidayCortical Responses to Speech and Linguistic Contrasts in Children with Typical and Atypical Language Development
Faith Chiu and Typhanie PrinceThe production of French consonant sequences  in typically-developing children and in people with aphasia
Tekla Etelka Gráczi, Alexandra Markó, Tamás Gábor Csapó, Andrea Deme and Márton BartókArticulatory and acoustic changes in pre-adolescent and adolescent children’s production of /s/ and /ʃ/. A case study in Hungarian [Poster]
Irene Lorenzini, Christian Lorenzi and Laurianne CabreraSpeech in noise perception in childhood: Role of sensory auditory processing and processing efficiency [Poster]
Jane Mertens, Doris Mücke and Anne HermesAging effects on prosodic marking in German: An acoustic analysis [Poster]
Sarolta MurányiThe development of narrative skills of Hungarian preschoolers
Sabine ReutersThe influence of conceptual and visual factors on sentence production in younger and older adults [Poster]
Tabea Thies, Doris Mücke, Richard Dano and Michael T. BarbeThe impact of levodopa on acoustic parameters of prominence marking and tongue body movements in patients with Parkinson’s disease [Poster]