Final formatting instructions

Language: Abstracts should be written in English (using British English spelling).

Word processor: Please use Microsoft Word or any other text processor that enables you to save your file in .doc or .docx format.

Page formatting: Page format should be A4. Abstracts should be single-spaced and in Calibri 11pt font. A single-column format should be used with 2.54 cm margins top/bottom and left/right. The text should be fully-justified. Do not include page numbers; do not add anything in the header/footer.

Title, authors, affiliation: The title should be in Calibri 12pt font bold (NOT in capitals), and should be centered on the page. The list of authors should appear on the following line in Calibri 11 font centered (not bold).The authors’ affiliation (department, university, country of all authors, and email address of corresponding author)  should appear on the following line in Calibri 11 pt font centered (not bold). In the author list, use superscript numbers to link author and affiliation.

Body of the abstract: Abstracts should be no longer than three pages including any tables, figures and references. In this final version, tables and figures can be integrated within the abstract itself rather than be kept to the final page. In the body of the text, please leave a line between paragraphs and do not indent paragraphs. If using sub-headings in your abstract, these should be in Calibri 11 pt font, bold, left-aligned, and should not have a line before the start of the section. 

References: References should be included in APA style (

Tables and figures: Figure and table legends should be above the table or figure in Calibri 10 pt font. The figure or title number should be bold and italicised, and the rest of the legend should just be italicised. Please ensure that the figures are of high-enough resolution to be reproduced clearly when printed or shown on a large screen.

Uploading your final version in Easychair (deadline: 20 February 2020)

  1. Login to Easychair as SPPL2020 author
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, click on ‘update file’
  3. Upload the .doc or .docx file containing your final version of the abstract

NOTE: There is no need to update the rest of your entry as we will only make use of the .doc/.docx file that you have uploaded.