Call for papers

We invite submissions for oral and poster presentations. Presentations can include or consist of demonstrations of tests and software. We will prioritise submissions that report experimental and modelling studies relating to more than one age group or longitudinal work.

We invite submissions on the following topics:

  • Changes in acoustic-phonetic and articulatory measures of speech production across age groups
  • Changes in speech perception abilities across age groups
  • Individual differences
  • Impact of changes in auditory, cognitive and/or attentional skills on speech communication across age groups
  • Impact of sociophonetic factors on speech communication across age groups
  • Impact of learning/training across different age groups
  • Speech communication in adverse conditions across different age groups
  • Research on speech and communication development in atypical populations across different age groups
  • Discourse: structure, repair strategies, dysfluencies
  • Methodological issues in lifespan studies of speech communication (experimental design, software, materials)

Abstract submission NOW CLOSED